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University Profile

      Macquarie University is on track to becoming one of Australia's leading research universities. To reach our goal we are investing heavily in research, learning and teaching, new buildings, new teaching facilities and in developing mutually beneficial relationships with industry.

      Macquarie is home to some of the world's most pre-eminent researchers many of whom are members of our 18 Concentrations of Research Excellence. These concentrations cover a diverse range of fields from Ancient History to Climate Change. 

      Alongside this research effort, we are rejuvenating our learning and teaching, updating our curriculum and providing opportunities for students and staff to contribute to society.

      All our hard work is paying off: since 2007 we have consistently moved up the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Academic Rankings of World Universities. In the recent Excellence in Research for Australia exercise performed by the Australian Government, five of our research areas - Earth Sciences, Physical Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Biological Sciences, and Psychology and Cognitive Sciences - were noted for their "outstanding performance well above world standard". Macquarie was also recently named as the top university in Australia for research in environmental science and ecology based on the number of citations per researcher.

      Macquarie boasts excellent facilities including a new state-of-the-art library, a hospital with associated research facilities, an exceptional swimming and sports complex, an on-campus railway station, and refurbished teaching and research spaces. 

       Macquarie's engagement with the nearby high-tech industry corridor is rapidly expanding. We are working to attract even more industry to the campus as participants in higher education. Our commercial agreements include obligations and responsibilities that tenants serve the research and teaching objectives of Macquarie, including through scholarships and work experience for students, research opportunities for staff, and new facilities for teaching and research. 

      And we continue to develop stronger relationships with our alumni, donors and other supporters who want to see Macquarie continue to flourish.

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