IUCES 2015 Summer School
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IUCES 2015 Summer School
The second International University Consortium in Earth Science (IUCES) summer school opening ceremony was held at China University of Geosciences (CUG) wuhan, on October 26, and nearly 40 teachers and students from IUCES attended it. The topic is “Intergrated risk assessment of Hydrologically driven landslides
 Professor Xiang Wei, from Faculty of Engineering of CUG, addressed the opening ceremony. He introduced the history, present situation and discipline development of CUG. It is hoped that the cooperation and exchange among IUCES members and the cultivation of international talents can be strengthened, and the development of the internationalization of CUG can be promoted through this summer school. Then professor Xiang Wei made a seminar Intergrated risk assessment of Hydrologically driven landslides.
On October 27, the students went to zigui for 3 days field practice under the guidance of Professor Xiang Wei. They visited Lianziya, the Three Gorges, Huangtupo test hole in Badong and other monitoring equipments, and felt satisfied with this field practice.
It’s the second time that IUCES summer school was held at CUG since it’s established. The third summer school will be held at

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