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Chinese jade and jewelry culture

Course description:
        Chinese jade and jewelry culture, which focus on gemology, China’s jewel market and Chinese language & culture, adopting the pedagogy of special lectures and experience courses. The course will last for 7 days in every summer vacation. Many certified elite instructors will present the lectures, organize activities and be participants’ course consultant. The program arranges the first 3 days as classroom courses which includes theory courses on gemology and Chinese language, culture lectures on Yue history and culture, Jewelry appraisal and Chinese zodiac paper-cutting, leisure activities on Chinese Cuisine and Contemporary Chinese film. The instructor will guide the participants to Guangzhou to start the field trip on the fourth day of the program. In the experience courses, participants will observe the biggest gems & jadeite jewel market in China; moreover, the organizer arranges series of wonders tour and excursion activities to help the participants to learn the traditional and modern culture of Guangzhou. The scenic spots covers Pearl river night cruise, Sacred Heart Cathedral,Southern Yue Palace Museum,Temple of Bright Filial Piety,Guangzhou Tower, Conghua shimen National Forest Park.
        The program will enrich the participants’ perspective on gemology, Chinese culture, and Chinese language. The combination of special lecture and experience courses will provide a chance for the participants to discover the current development of China’s jewelry market. Creative leisure activities will help participants from different countries to join a global community.
Language of instruction: Both Chinese and English
Course objectives
The course aims to provide the students with an overview of basic gemology knowledge and the traditional & modern culture of Wuhan and Guangzhou. Upon completing the course, students will have:
        1. Demonstrated knowledge on gemology and Chinese jewelry market;
        2. Demonstrated the knowledge and skills that will enable students to communicate with the local people with Chinese daily dialogue;
        3. Demonstrated the traditional and modern culture of Wuhan and Guangzhou;
        4. Demonstrated the skill to make traditional Chinese paper-cutting.
Basic requirements:
This course is open to college students:
        1. Aged 18 or above who show concern for China, love gemology exploration, and are equipped with basic knowledge of tourism science and related subjects.
         2. Who are good at English and can have daily communication in English.
        3. Who are healthy and do not have any communicable disease.
Learning Materials and Resources
1. Required readings:
        (1) Textbook: Systematic Gemmology. Beijing: Geology Press; 2006.
        (2) Reading packet: to be distributed by the instructor in class.
2. Reference readings:
         (3) Natural Guangzhou. Gu Jianqing. Guangzhou: Guangzhou Press; 2010.
        (4) Chinese Culture. Wang De Chun. Shanghai: Foreign Language Education Press; 2011.
        (5) Tales and Traditions: Readings in Chinese Literature Series, Volumes 3-4. Yun Xiao, et al. Boston: Cheng & Tsui Company; 2009-2010.
3. Related websites:
        (6) Modern Chinese literature and culture resource center:

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